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Driver Training and Skippering Services 

Our driver training program helps you have a complete understanding of your vessel and the systems onboard. We teach you how to use them to make your boating experience as safe, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible.

Not ready to drive just yet? 

Let our experienced skippers take the wheel so you can enjoy a full walk on walk off service. 

Package Options


We offer 3 options for training.

We can also tailor a custom training package suited to your needs.


Novice Package

This is for people who are new boat owners or someone returning to boating after a long break.

This package concentrates on familiarising yourself with your vessel, how to tie the boat up, basic docking techniques, and how and where to anchor and safely navigate the waterways, plus more.

This package runs over 4 weeks with two 2-hour sessions per week.

Intermediate Package

This Package is for vessel owners that have owned your vessel for a short time and are comfortable with the skills taught in the novice package or if you have changed the style of vessel, you have previously owned.

This package concentrates on advanced docking, manoeuvring your vessel in tight spaces, towing, and more

This package runs over 3 weeks with two 2-hour lessons per week.

Advanced Package 

This package is for vessel owners who are comfortable with handling their vessel and the skills taught in the novice and intermediate packages, this concentrates on advanced vessel control, boating offshore and how to do it safely, how to read the ocean plus more.

All our packages are tailored to the clients individual needs as we progress through the selected package.

Which package is right for me?

Our novice package is aimed at new boaters and people who are returning to boat ownership after a long break from boating

Our intermediate package is aimed at boaters that have the basics covered but would like more targeted training in specific areas.

Our advanced package is aimed at boaters that want to master specific tasks safely and travel through more dangerous waterways

Feel free to contact us for a chat so we can assist you in choosing the right package for your skill level.

Do I really need training?

Getting your boat license is a 1-day course with multiple students on one boat, which leaves plenty of people wanting more knowledge and physical one-on-one time with an instructor onboard their vessel to be able to operate their vessel confidently, safely, and stress-free.

Whilst this training is not a legal requirement, it will make your time spent on your boat more enjoyable, and you will be able to confidently go out for all the major event days fully prepared and be able to confidently deal with evolving situations that you may find yourself in.

Most people will see the benefits of this one-on-one training after their first session.

Why Choose Us?

We have a strong passion for boating and 50+ years of boating experience between our team. 


We've worked on and around marinas and dry storage facilities to growing up around boats, we have your needs covered by  experienced instructors to teach you everything from water skiing and towing the kids on inflatable tubes to flying down the coast offshore.


We look forward to helping you get out enjoy the water and feel confident in all your boating endeavors.

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