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Yacht Management

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Scheduled Maintenance

Set and Forget

- Monthly exterior clean

- Discounted rates on additional services

- Monthly boat report

Boat Lovers

- 2 exterior cleans

- 1 interior clean

- After action report

- Discounted rates on additional services

- Annual discounted buff and polish

Livin’ The Dream

- Up to 3 interior cleans

- Weekly exterior cleans

- Quarterly wax and polish

- Free call outs

- Free skippering*

- Weekly reports

- Maintenance schedules

- Safety equipment checks

- Discounted rates on additional services

*Up to 5 hours a month


Major Detailing & Vessel Overhaul

Major Detailing & Vessel Overhaul is an area that sets us apart from the rest. Whether you have imported a new yacht, left your existing yacht unattended for a long period of time or would like the exterior cosmetics of the vessel overhauled.

With new products and processes emerging constantly, JE Yachting prides themselves on being the leaders in modern day techniques. We are constantly trying, learning and testing better ways to give you the highest quality results at the most affordable prices. 



Hull Cleaning and
Dive Service

Our highly trained commercial divers are ready for everything. From your 3 monthly hull clean, under water building / maintenance or to our dive recovery service we have the tools and the knowledge to achieve anything underwater.

At JE Yachting we pride ourselves on providing an

all-in-one yacht management solution.

With our extensive industry knowledge and highly skilled marine detailers, engineers, specialist contractors, commercial captains & qualified crew, we succeed in delivering a yachting experience completely hassle-free.

Given our specialised service, our clear and reliable communication will ensure all your yachting needs are fully acknowledged and guaranteed.

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